When Erin Johnson decided to hit the gym in 2015, she was trying to adjust to a housewife life.

The wife of a former teacher and soldier says she needed something to get her out of the house and socialize.

“We exercise because we love our bodies, not because we hate them!” This slogan would be the beginning of the so-called Dance Fit Club.

“Dance Fit Club is really where you go because you know you’re worthy of your looks,” says Johnson. “You’re not here to shame yourself into a certain size. You’re not here to finally find your worth. You’re free to go out, dance and express and know that you now have what it takes. everything is worth it. Since day one, we have accepted others. We want it done.”

He started by inviting people to dance and exercise at the Whitestown City Complex. After six months, classes began to increase, Johnson said, with 70 to 100 people taking each class. In 2018, they hired instructors to help teach classes in Brownsburg, Carmel, and downtown Indianapolis.

They thought more until the pandemic ended everything. From March to June 2020, she taught 50 free public dance gymnastics classes on YouTube at home, while her children Delaney, Makenna and her husband Kenny (Kenny) participated.

Johnson says her biggest inspiration comes from people who come to her classes during difficult times.

“I was amazed at their dedication and commitment, and I knew that if something happened to force us to leave, I would not be able to stop,” he said. “They keep showing up. I can’t stop.”

While looking for another space for her fitness classes, she found a space for rent. With the support of his family and many clients, he decided to open his own studio. On June 14, Dance Fit Club officially opened at 10830 Bennett Parkway in Zionsville.

Johnson says it offers free childcare and first classes. One of the fan-favorite activities is the Glow Party, where attendees dance to the club’s music in the dark in glow-in-the-dark outfits. Dance Fit Club offers classes for all fitness levels, including dance fitness, yoga, belly dance and hip-hop workshops.

By Lusjan