But it is not only pole dancing that can bring father and son together.

The world’s only pole dancing father and daughter duo have opened a studio in Gloucestershire.

The award-winning performances of Dave Roberts and Hazel Roberts are so rare that they have appeared on the British TV show Got Talent.

But despite his colleagues calling him a ‘Chrome successor’ in 2015, TV’s Mr Nasty, Simon Cowell and David Walliams found the concept ‘strange’ and four judges dismissed it from the start. .

Dave, 52, and Hazel, 27, clearly wish they’d been persuaded to join the project, but that hasn’t stopped them from loving pole dancing, which they’ve done alone and together in the past. six years. .

Moving from her hometown of Swindon, she is currently preparing to open a 14-foot studio in Tewkesbury, with the goal of becoming a full-time teacher.

It all started when ex-girlfriend Dave Bendy saw Kate on the TV show Got to Dance and convinced them to do it together as a hobby.

At first, he chose to study privately because the newcomers were too confident to study with ordinary people, and he tried to hide his new hobby for fear of being laughed at by friends and family.

Hazel explains: “Last year, by chance, I was on a six-week course at a university in Ireland and someone sent me a picture of me making a cross and said, See what I can do.

After returning home from college, Hazel goes to a pole dance school with her father, and the teacher there suggests they go to a Halloween party together.

He hasn’t looked back, having recently moved from his hometown of Swindon to open a studio in Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury.

“It’s a confident thing,” says Hazel, who completed the exercise with a twist. “If you don’t trust your father, he won’t leave you. Who else do you trust?”

“I was approached by others to work together, but I thought, ‘There’s no chance.’ I couldn’t feel comfortable or safe because he didn’t have the same balance as my dad. ‘.

Since bare skin is necessary to maintain the taboo, the chic pair of shorts and tank tops say they’re happy to see more body-concerned women ditch the running shorts set.

“They come in and say they can’t wear shorts because of their groin but I tell them they can handle the bar better,” Hazel said.

“We start the core muscles with a hidden workout, so when you lift your feet off the ground, they’re stronger than they were when they took a step.”

Hazel told GloucestershireLive that pole dancing is not the only relationship between Dave and his eldest daughter, one of his five daughters.

During her senior year of college, she was diagnosed with CVID, or common variable immunodeficiency disease, which affects her immune system, leaving her vulnerable to infections and 6 to 9 pounds of weight loss. pounds.

“If I catch a cold, I won’t die, but the real risk is infection and pneumonia,” says Hazel, whose father helped her get through her early days by helping her lose 1kg a week. He was tested last year when he was ill and was unable to compete.

“Dad has to have a weekly injection of white blood cells and even though it’s not arthritis, it affects every part of the body.

“That was before I started pole dancing, but I decided right away that I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way, but that didn’t happen. #I’m not my diagnosis.”

As well as increasing the number of pole dancing classes in Tewkesbury, she wants to run a six-week course to teach people basic routines and poses, as well as take pictures with professional photographers .

In 2016 Mr. Ranked fourth in the world in the Semi-Pro Pole category, Dave has created a support group for pole dancers over 40 with nearly 400 members worldwide.

The membership ratio is 80/20 male-female, and looking at Dave’s muscles proves that it’s not a physically demanding sport like gymnastics, but more like the sexy dances attached with it now more.

However, they are the only father and daughter on the world stage, with Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams calling it the strangest behavior he has ever seen within seconds of his exit.

They admitted that they were a bit “annoyed” that day for whatever reason, but were disappointed they didn’t get a chance to do their long-practice “woof” moves. and performed in front of millions of people.

But he’s very philosophical and glad Google put the pair’s match on YouTube before the BGT drama was shot.

“Sometimes people bring up the issue and ask if we’re in the UK Got Talent. I just say yes and let the bubble go,” Haze said.

Kate Brown, 30, has been taking pole dancing for years after signing up for Dave and Hazel’s Monday and Tuesday regular classes.

He said: “I was a bit confused when he called me Dave, but he knew exactly what he was doing and I felt safe.

“I’ve taken other classes that focus on curves and look sexy and pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind, but this one is better.

“Dave is very strong, so he can help with strength, and they have different powers together. They work very well.”

By Lusjan