After Tony McGlone’s debut hit drew 100 people, big clubs like Empire held pop-up events.

Prepare your glow sticks!

A new Clubbercise fitness class is set to help Teessiders stay in shape following its launch this week.

Neon dance enthusiasts held their first fitness class under the guidance of Toni McGlone, a mother of two. .

About 100 people attended the sold-out event at Teesside High School, carrying glow sticks and neon headbands.

Clubbercise is a growing dance fitness craze “more like an evening out than a workout.”

Coach Tony said: “It takes place in a dark room with disco lights and glow sticks, a classic club from the 90s to the present day.

Now, 30-year-old Ingleby Barwick is planning another gig and flash mobs into the night, including big clubs including Middlesbrough Empire .

He said: “I’m really happy – it was a great night and the response on Facebook was amazing.

“Someone wrote, ‘I want to exercise again.'” Things like that make me feel good.

“I’ve always been a critic, but the night was a great success.

I thought, “If I only get 20 people out of the gate on opening night, I’ll get the job done.”

“People want to come back and I have about 70 bookings for next Tuesday – Thursday that are also sold out.

“I spoke to Empire and it looks like this is going to be a pop-up club night.

“Clubbercise is a cross between old cardio and hip hop. We make exercises that are easy to do and of varying intensity.

“The best part is that when you’re in a dark room, you don’t have to worry about who’s going to find you. It’s very relaxing.”

Tony, who runs Freek Dance and Fitness, took a break from adult evening school after having children Kaelan, 5, and Avi, 3.

“My business has been open since 2009. My kids are busy, and I stopped going to evening school 4 years ago because I was a bit too busy.

— Back to evening classes for adults.

“There are quite a few Clubbercise courses around Teesside, but I found one – and a great one at Teesside High School.”

Another course is planned in Middlesbrough, with Tony also looking to organize a course for under-18s.

“The only difference is the music,” he added, “there will be a whole show today. Club music today is early 90s – but 16 year olds don’t listen to much.

Full details can be found on Toni’s Clubbercise Facebook page.

By Lusjan