Living in a city has its perks, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a good place to travel. Everything is packed, there is no open space for the upcoming marathon training, or the local community center, local golf course and free gym. Of course, you still need to be healthy.

Luckily, Chicago has plenty of gyms and fitness coaches ready to help you stay fit and motivated to achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking for a nice weight room or steamy sauna to beat a cold, check out our list of the best health clubs in the Chicago area!

Cheetah gym

Visit this gym near Andersonville for an immersive environment with state-of-the-art equipment, on-site personal trainers, and a busy schedule. Check out group fitness classes like HIIT and TRX, spin studios, dance gymnastics, Pilates, and yoga classes for all levels. Afterwards, enjoy pampering yourself with massage therapists at the gym or plan for a healthier future with nutrition guidance from a dietitian. This gym gem is known for its clean and LGBTQ-friendly facilities.

Chicago Athletics Club

Visit one of our amazing Chicago Sports Club locations and learn about fitness programs like water aerobics, weight training, boxing, cycling, dance and yoga classes . For self-training, the center has a team of professional weightlifters and knowledgeable personal trainers. Do you like competition? Try the center’s competitive swimming and triathlon program.

interprovincial gymnastics

Known as the home of HIIT workouts, CrossTown Fitness offers more than 200 group fitness classes per week, as well as individual training. Amenities include personal lockers, shower rooms, studios, and exercise equipment. Can’t motivate yourself to train without competing? Don’t worry, CrossTown hosts the CTF Games, an annual summer bodybuilding competition that challenges members and fitness enthusiasts with a day of weights, repetitions, and exercise.

East Coast Club

Make no mistake: this is not a football stadium, even though it is 450,000 square feet. With a jogging track, four swimming pools, an indoor golf course and seven tennis courts, there’s no shortage of places to exercise. Of course, you just want the standard exercises. Some of the facilities include a 20,000-square-foot cardio room, a 5,000-square-foot performance center, an outdoor weight room, and multiple gyms for group classes: two Pilates studios, 60 cycling studios and five group exercise classes. Did you finish for the day? Head to the on-site snack bar and rooftop restaurant for a quick bite!

Spring day and night

By now, you’ve probably heard of Equinox, the celebrity-favorite gym and membership benefits. Featuring luxurious and stylish rooms, personal training, a Pilates studio and a wide range of classes such as boxing and kickboxing, barre, yoga, cycling, poolside fitness, stretching, fitness and dance, this health club offers many options. included in the membership price, making class scheduling easy and stress-free. Not near your home studio? No problem. Download the Equinox app for live and on-demand classes from certified instructors.

Galt Life Center

Galter’s promise is to go beyond conventional fitness standards and provide workout programs that balance body, mind, and soul. “Mind to Mind” can come from options like acupuncture, massage, and watsu, but the gym offers a variety of exercises to improve this balance. There are two pools, indoor running track, and plenty of exercise equipment for the ultimate modern fitness experience, with classes to choose from: cycling, training camp, benching, etc. want to work with a coach, they have a special offer for new members for private lessons for $100 and those with kids can have fun with the kids treatment and activity center em.

Lakeside Gym

For all those interested in sports, there is always a desire to test their skills in the live application: pure sports. Lakeshore capitalizes on this desire in several locations, offering a variety of simulators and facilities for you to try your luck at, including several full-size basketball courts, golf simulators and more. and climbing wall. There are also many facilities for those who wish to take certain courses. Aquatic classes are offered at many pools and there are many opportunities for potential programs, including triathlons, dance classes, cycling, etc., as well as athletic training.

side exercise

Get closer to your fitness goals with a healthy lifestyle led by Lateral Fitness’s team of experts. The boutique fitness center is staffed by physical therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, massage therapists and acupuncturists happy to help you with planning. Group classes range from HIIT to yoga to a variety of Pilates, or choose a personal trainer for tailored fitness advice and training.

Chicago One’s Lifetime Hebei

Visit Life Time River North, billed as a “luxury sports destination” with a rooftop pool and beach club, as well as basketball and squash courts, a kids’ gym, and a bar. coffee, full spa and plenty of fitness classes. Try HIIT, weight training and weightlifting, yoga and cycling classes, and more. With over 126,000 square feet of exercise space, this gym has it all.

Midtown Athletics Club

While Chicago may not be known for its vibrant tennis scene, Midtown Athletics Club is putting more effort into keeping up with the trend. With 18 indoor tennis courts, including competition events, development classes and even kids’ classes, there’s plenty to test and practice your backhand. If tennis isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other amenities, including a spa and sauna, Pilates classes, and several yoga studios. Part of Chicago for over 50 years, it’s a great representation of the city’s major sports facilities and a great place to work out.

exercise mode

If you are looking for a coach to help you improve your smile, you have come to the right place. With futuristic mood lighting, decorative mirrors and dozens of self-training machines, this West Loop location will make you feel like you’re doing biceps curls on the surface of Mars. In addition, the club prides itself on futuristic technology that takes fitness to the next level. Members can get free body scans to help determine their BMI and find the right suit for them. Since many coaches work directly with clients, there’s no better place to start working on New Year goals.

quadriceps gym

You may want to work out with a bodybuilder to give you a clear idea of ​​what to do. Maybe you don’t want to define your spa fitness experience and replace your sunbeds and smoothies with protein powders and milkshakes. Either way, quads can help you get the Schwarzenegger body you’ve always wanted. What makes some quads fun is the lack of instruction, the trainer won’t talk to you until you get close. Introvert’s dream. With so many machines to try at your leisure, you’ll find a routine that works for you: back, biceps, even hamstrings!

buzz box

The national chain has been endorsed by many Hollywood powerhouses, including David Beckham, Jason Derulo and others. It also offers some of the best modern fitness classes available today, including a 45-minute pocket class that provides pace and cardio for all participants. With pictures of Chicago icons on the wall – Dennis Rodman and Michelle Obama, to name a few – Rumble offers discounted membership packages year-round, including a valuable “founder” membership package. price 240 dollars. But the gym’s crown jewel is the perfect class, led by “sub-DJ, motivational speaker, and full-fledged host.” For working every core in your body, check out Rumble!

third workshop

Visit a third studio and try out three of today’s most popular fitness classes – cycling, yoga and interval training. This members-only boutique gym features elegant, modern interiors and the latest in fitness technology. With three locations in Chicagoland, there’s always a class to choose from. A great place to make friends with fitness enthusiasts.

Knitting Park

Wicker Park Fitness is an affordable option that encourages a variety of skills including self-defense, yoga, and BootyBurn. At “a third of the price,” it’s the perfect gym to burn calories after work. Unlike some of the other places on this list, this isn’t a fancy sauna and cafe. Towels and apples are free, so it’s still a great place to take a class. Try to motivate yourself and push yourself!

By Lusjan