A St Albans man held a charity ball in memory of his father, who passed away from cancer earlier this year.

Organizer Chris Dennis, who teaches dance gymnastics classes, will host a dance competition at the Westminster Hotel on Saturday, December 11.

These courses cost £5 each, with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Care.

Chris said: “I decided to join the dance marathon because I also wanted to teach dance fitness classes and asked some friends for help.

“Also, some of the other teachers teaching are current and former dance teachers.

“I am really excited about this event and I look forward to raising money to support Macmillan Cancer in particular.

“After my dad passed away from cancer in June, I wanted to organize an event to support my dad and my family during such a difficult time and raise money for Macmillan.”

Program of the day:

9:00 Chris and Leanne’s Day – Body Jam

10:00 Martin Palmer – Fitness Steps

11:00 John-Bradley Maloney, Wendy Martin and Katie Mura – Zumba

12 – Raphael Stadler and Maria Baric – Sh’Bam

13.10 – Naomi Tzuba – Fresh

Call 01727 736080 to make a reservation.

By Lusjan