Congratulations on Sarah’s wedding and congrats to Tom’s dad as he learns Foxtrot/Bachata for the Women’s crash course and Kate Urban to dazzle his family and friends with fun moves at the wedding of father and daughter! #shallwedance @dancescape?

Introduction to the dance scene

Go on an adventure in the escape dance #tance + #fitness.  We are an exciting social dance club/studio serving the social dance and fitness community – Ballroom, Salsa/Latin, Weddings, DanceTONE Cardio and danceFLOW Qigong/Tai chi. Our mission is to inspire the world to move one music at a time. Private/Group Tutor at Burlington Studio with Satellite Location for Semi-Private and Private Tutoring in Lakeside Stoney Creek/Hamilton. PLUS online anytime, anywhere

By Lusjan