You will find the key to happiness, but not physical health, family love or friendship.

It may come as a surprise, but the best thing in life is a hilarious video of Prince William dancing in a club just like his father.

The Winter King left Kate and the kids at home and decided to let off some steam with friends on a ski holiday in Switzerland.

yes. That’s how it happened.

According to TMZ, 34-year-old Prince William is too young to know Peak Father but it really happened when he let his hair down at the wedding reception at a nightclub dedicated to Farinet.

Let’s destroy it.

It raised the roof, for a moment (maybe?) A great 90s dance.

Prince danced to ’90s R&B music, in this case Looney’s favorite song, “I Got 5 On It”.

We can’t go wrong in choosing a song, but we laugh at the act.

Side note: I love that when the cameraman does something like this, he pretends to take a picture of his soul mate when the person with the phone steals it. really well

Conclusion: Prince William is a father figure.

But this is not new as we have plenty of evidence that the prince could be her father.

Now for Exhibit C: this

He was the father who danced at the party. Father, you can only do so much.

Apparently he’s hiding his identity in the morning and loud EDM music later.

But life isn’t just one big party for a troubled prince.

Because her holiday falls on Commonwealth Day, the rest of the royal family will gather at Westminster Abbey for a special service.

By Lusjan