Prince William was caught on video “dancing hip-hop with his father” during a ski holiday at a nightclub in the Swiss Alps.

The future King of England was filmed by members of the public moving on the dance floor during a world-class wedding in the ski resort of Verbier.

The handsome father-of-two raised his hand for the camera and danced to the 1990 hit “I Got 5 On It” by American hip-hop duo Loonez.

Later, he was seen performing other dance moves to the electronic dance music.

Amazing footage of William dancing in the background quickly went viral.

The picture was taken on Monday night as senior members of the Queen’s Royal Family, including the Queen, arrived at Westminster Abbey to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

Prince William, 34, was also pictured hugging the DJ behind a mixing desk in a photo shared by members of the London band Cardboard Foxes at the Farinet Club on Saturday night.

Another British band, Hussyband, tweeted the next day: “Big event tonight in #verbier – Prince William even performed! #rockon #prince #royalty”

Earlier, the prince was spotted enjoying beer with nightclub owner Guy Pelley while skiing.

The Queen and Prince Philip, father of William, Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward attended Monday’s Commonwealth celebrations at Westminster Abbey.

By Lusjan