What is Extreme Fitness? Isn’t this fashionable for boring Midwestern housewives? “I hope so,” says Karima Gottschalk, a daytime advertising executive and night pole dancer. “If it wasn’t stigmatized, it would be a trickle-down effect.” With a competitive circuit going on, polar fitness mainstreaming may already have occurred.Karima first introduced pole gymnastics/pole dancing at Holy Yoga in Bed Stuy, near her former Clinton Hill estate. According to Karima, last May, when pole gymnastics became so popular at Sacred, the studio decided to cut out the pole workout program and offer yoga classes instead. He and his basic pole buddies know they don’t want to lose the pole, and they really don’t. “This is my true friend,” Karima realized. About a year ago, two friends, Sharon Goldberg and Kirstin Dahmer, opened a 1,000-square-foot studio in the former ballroom of the Polish Democratic Club in Greenpoint. They called this wonderful place Incredipole and of course Karima became a permanent resident here.

Karima, 30, who now lives in Ridgewood, wants to go to Incredipole five times a week. At the age of three, Karima’s first love was dancing; She started with ballet, then modern dance, jazz and tap. The son of a German father and a black and Cherokee mother, Karima came to New York from Connecticut at the age of 17 to study fashion design at Parsons (he recently turned to advertising). She spent her teenage years in an all-girls boarding school. “I love women’s families so much,” she says, “that I didn’t get to go to college.” Fortunately, in a group of strong women she met through Pole Fitness, Karima found the vision, empowerment, and connection of one woman. Karima means strong influence

Poland is your creation.  I have a strong dance; so I thought about choreography/choreography. Some people are athletes, not dancers. They really like the stunts, not the sexy part. The others shook their hips.

When you’re in a safe space,  you care about others. I learned to respect and love everyone around me. There are different body types: there are oversized dancers and petite ones – and they all look good. Everyone is confident and strong.

When I go to a strip club,  they don’t do very well. He didn’t do anything too hard. He just poses in front of you and shakes his butt. You don’t need a dance degree.

I will never be a ballet dancer. The boat is sailing. It’s beautiful and can dance with me. this is  _

This physical strength  is converted into mental/spiritual strength. You now have a visual indication that you are a strong person and it will make you feel strong in any situation.

Women have traditional ways to please others. It gives me the worst joy of being human. Now with this power I can say no. Now I can make a decision. I am new and want to get a motorbike license. I don’t think I could feel myself if I couldn’t climb a 16-foot pole.

I didn’t show it to my father,  but not because he wasn’t there. I want to hurry. Honestly, I didn’t talk to him. He doesn’t like my job. It is very important to me to feel protected when performing [dance]. My dad is female because my dad is transgender. It’s been two years since my mother passed away. My father married another woman who was a lesbian. Therefore, they are very selfish in life. I felt that if I showed that I could do pole dancing, my father would be respected – he was very proud that I was a “master” – so he would respect me  .

My mother passed away from a heart attack. She was young and didn’t take care of herself after giving birth to her last child. He’s really stressed out. Another reason why I’m here. A heart attack can kill you, especially among black women in America. I see heart disease running in the whole family. This can be prevented. I want to start now. I know what it’s like to live without a lover. I wouldn’t do it for someone else who cares about me. He’s not selfish. Many people still need it in their lives. It promotes me to be healthy. I drink less and eat better because I love myself. I am proud. I took the test last month and was pleasantly surprised.

By Lusjan