Father Michael Gove has been named club boss of the week after dancing at a nightclub won votes.

Tory, 55, stepped up to minister, beating four others for the title at Club Tropicana in Aberdeen and winning dozens of votes in a Facebook poll.

MP Gove, who grew up in the city, gets VIP access, reservations and bottles of wine if his jumps are successful.

We’re there to show you how he dances with a woman in Donna Summer’s classic I Feel Love.

Goveney was seen shouting at 2am: “Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it.”

Filmed at Tropicana in his hometown of Aberdeen in the 1980s, this is the divorced father of the two’s last dance classic.

Conservative MP Gove told locals he visited Chris’ mother when he was alone.

He went to the dance floor and danced alone until a woman joined him.

An eyewitness said: “He looked a little wobbly but wasn’t drunk and was clearly enjoying himself.

“There are people who know him, but many who don’t know who he is and let him go.

– After a while, this girl came to talk to him, and he danced.

Club owner Tony Cochrane posted a photo on social media and said: ‘Michael Gove had a bit of a boogie at Club Tropicana tonight.

Nightclub photographer Rebecca McGregor, 26, added: “I was working nearby when my mother, who works at Tropicana, texted that MP Michael Gove was there.

“I went around and took pictures of it.

“He took a few selfies with the client and stayed until the end, so I think he’s happy.”

This time he took a sip from the woman drinking and quickly waltzed.

Mr. Gove left alone at 3am on Sunday.

In August 2021, Mr. Gove was photographed while visiting techno club Bohemia in the same city dancing with a DJ playing drums and bass.

He split from journalist Sarah Wynne in 2021 and has since been seen spending the night with BBC producer Sam McAlister.

By Lusjan