Come to Grit Fitness without feeling tired. I knew this from last class, but tired after a long day at work, I was driving down SMU Avenue to the dance club for aerobics class.

The open version of the dance class requires you to be over 18, not sure what that means. Is it just a music collection not radio stations? Or are we twerking?

The class started as usual. A coach will guide you and encourage you to release stress and frustration through movement. He also asked us if we knew the class’s reputation. He warned that there would be “a lot”. My stomach is back. 

When we started, I understood why this course is 18+. Nsfw is terrible, I’m worried about how to write – oh  boss

R: Almost every group has twerking. The trainer says: “When in doubt, shake your butt. And me. loser. Twerk Don’t know if it’s a bug or “I’m clumsy” but I just can’t do it. I’m not alone. Most of the other women in the class weren’t bad either. My shyness quickly disappeared and I loved to dance. 

We danced to a playlist of hip-hop and trap songs, so I didn’t understand the lyrics until the teacher changed one of the songs. My ears were ringing and I could barely hear what the teacher was saying through the microphone. At some point in class, the teacher had to lower his voice to make sure we understood the combination he was teaching. But then he moved on to Sam Smith’s “Body Shop” mix, which was interesting. 

You need extra energy to survive in this class. I cannot give everything to everyone. But the instructor kicked us. They are tough and strong and encourage more pressure. He also stopped in front of the individual dancers to cheer and cheer us on. 

It will help, but the layer will be stronger. It’s like a trainer hiding adrenaline. I don’t know how – I barely cried at the time – but he jumped. At one point, she did a dramatic turn and side step in the studio, then flipped her hips against the wall. (We don’t want to follow gymnastics.)

Despite the intensity and hip twist, this class is all about fun moves. Sometimes, like in this episode of “Friends” , we throw ourselves out 

When the 45-minute workout finally ended, I was both energized and exhausted. As they left, the coach said, “Let’s wash your hair tonight!” It wasn’t shampoo night for me, but my scalp was almost falling out when I got back to the car. I know he was right. 

By Lusjan