Hot Bod is a week-long exploration of fitness culture and its quirks.

“Oh, you move around a lot,” my boyfriend said two weeks ago when I asked him if we could call the wedding a sport. “On the night I went out alone last week, I walked 12,000 steps! I woke up hungry.” A friend of mine, who used to teach spinning, recalls a “moment” when she was squatting on the floor at a party. “Obviously I’m happy to see him perform. Watcher Explains this muscular dance as the floor technique.

So, next Friday, on orders, I took my trusty Apple Watch, put it on, and attended a public meeting for the first time in my three lives. I also wear bright red yoga clothes to remind me that I can be anyone, anywhere, anytime. Bicycle happy hour at weddings, but that’s not why we’re here! We’re here to see  how far and how fast 

strong and low

Then, while I was waiting to show my vaccination card on the stairs, I worried about my Apple Watch and decided to put it in my pocket so it wouldn’t be seen on the dance floor. I don’t remember putting it back.

But don’t worry, I have a week of field trips now so I’m not exhausted. The next day after hearing my heartbeat, my last rotator friend texted me and said, “Bang Bang?” He wanted to know if I could invite him and his Cross Fit friends to a gay club. Of course I am! Every trip is a highlight in my life; I go on every trip. The fitness tracker is fully charged and ready to measure your activity from the night before.

However, we all line up here: when we  go out


Of course, all of these can be combined in many ways! I never understood why sport was synonymous with kindness

I do most of the muscle building in my butt and hamstrings, but my stomach hurts from laughing too much. After an afternoon of banging on the roof (which made me forget my fitness tracker, but my phone said I jumped “4.2 miles”), my calves were empty. My college friend wears a Reebok, I don’t know. I went through a few photos and noticed that most people, except me, were wearing flats.

The Apple Watch has delivered impressive numbers. When I do cardio, my heart rate is usually around 120 BPM; Only 96 times scratching the dance floor, many beauties make their hearts flutter. Second, efficiency is rubbish. I am always comfortable! For a given exercise, I usually do it for about 45 minutes. I only danced for about 15 minutes before someone told me to go home. Am I confused? Do you talk to anyone? My total nightly cardio is fun and exciting dancing – usually no more than 60 minutes. The most impressive result I achieved was two and a half hours.

“How does this affect the above?” ask his beloved roommate while doing Campari in his apartment. I don’t think trackers record the small amount of power output we absorb, but I don’t think I can interpret my heart rate faithfully. However, I remember a female boxer I once knew who used the same ball to dominate her fights, so I’d like to describe her as a somewhat athletic, sophisticated trickster. lying and angry. My old roommate, my new friend, my partner, and I used to go to six bars a night, two of them twice,

While I know my cardio is usually fast, I checked my progress on my fitness tracker this morning and realized I’d lost my watch.  I scrolled through the training app like a detective and noticed that the last time I turned it on, I enjoyed a fourth spike in heart rate, which I believe was in the fourth band.

The loss is perhaps the biggest lesson: The nightlife is healthy, but hard to measure. In fact, it doesn’t want to compare at all. It was for some reason in the imagination and mood of the light, that it passed quickly. The powerful dance must be interrupted by a loud ringing in the lover’s ear. I was a bit overwhelmed and needed a break with my new friends in Rauchergesse to calm down. All these people, the clothes and the views of the yacht inspired me. The simple pleasure  of walking from room to room


By Lusjan