The BYU Cougars soccer team will enter the 2021 season strong. Head coach Kalani Sitake has led the Cougs to a 10-3 record and their only regular loss of the season has been to Baylor and Boise State (UAB). lost in a bad match).

The biggest headline for BYU Football last season was the announcement that they would be participating in the Big 12 Conference for the 2023 season, an event that overshadowed Kalani Sitake’s dance moves. Kalani (real name Kelaokalani Fifita “Kalani” Sitake) once performed the “father’s dance”. In a 2020 video shared with The Dance Club (see video below), trainer Kalani Sitake can be seen dancing with his daughter Sadie.

Most people remember the first group of dads in Utah who danced for sick dads. They seemed to welcome Kalani Sitake with open arms as they joined The Dance Club at the Phoenix convention and dance competition and performed DJ Chipman’s “Woo Tang Wit It”. The video went viral and re-released previous clips.

Kalani Sitake’s dance is so bad that Brian Kelly is jealous

Video 1:

Movie 2:

This is the video of 2020 and his daughter

I don’t want people to think that I hate The Dance Club in any way. When I say his dance moves are scary, I take it as a compliment, because I’m also an out-of-date dad. If I lived near BYU, I would definitely go to the dance club and dance with other dads.

There is great joy and personal satisfaction in mastering a bad jump

Remembering the dances in middle school and high school, I spent a lot of time on the dance floor. I’m more interested in these guys making new dance moves that I’ve never seen before. At the time, it was exciting and BYU Football head coach Kalani Sitake and The Dance Club seem to be doing it right now with their dad.

So, if anyone reading this thinks this post is mocking these people, I apologize for not opening the post that I’m obviously jealous and not in a dance group.

As for Brian Kelly…he’s just  trying

By Lusjan