The royal’s new autobiography reveals some of the scariest and most intimate moments in her life.

If you were on a diet in the ’90s, it was probably the Rosemary Conley Diet. Their diet and fitness clubs have taken the country by storm, with women adopting low-fat meal plans and low GI exercises.

Entrepreneur and author Lester  , 75, is known for her multi-million dollar empire. He became famous after the book “Deta dlya jambash ja jambash” published in 1988 sold more than 2 million copies.

She then founded the Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Club in 1993. The Rosemary Club, a member of Slimming World and later a leader in Weight Watchers, provides nutrition advice to women and cardio workouts with certified trainers.

Rosemary’s Diet and Fitness Club has over 170 fitness trainers and organizes 2,000 classes per week for over 70,000 members across the UK. As an alternative to gym membership, people are trying to sign up.

However, this didn’t last long and the business went into administration in 2014. Now, the fitness guru is opening up about her failures and successes as part of her new autobiography. her, Through and Thin Through Thick and Thin.

When will Thick and Thin come out?

The autobiography will be released on August 18.  Reservations are available here .

What stages does this book cover?

The book is expected to follow Rosemary from her “healthy childhood” to the fall of her business empire and subsequent radio career. At 65, the fitness queen joins an ice dance group, attends regular ballet classes, hits the gym and battles health issues – with interesting insights into the importance of fitness. beauty and body.

Rosemary is paired with professional figure skater Mark Hanretty as an ice dancer. He’s the sixth celebrity to make it to #10 on the list.

What is Rosemary Conley up to now?

Since her company took over in 2014, Rosemary has launched her own health website. This video-based website hopes to share healthy and nutritious recipes and exercises for everyone.

By Lusjan