The son who loved his father took him to clubs in Berlin for 20 years before leaving TikTok.

Many people stop “talking” when they reach a certain age.

The father who has not been to the city for 20 years must have lost the habit.

The son wanted to change that and invited a middle-aged man to a nightclub in Berlin.

TikTok user  @joscha.leeuw was determined to wish her dad good night – and it looks like he did.

“Dad hasn’t been to the club in over 20 years, so he took him to Berlin,” the distraught son tells viewers in the video.

In the popular clip, the father can be seen taking a sip of beer before heading out into town.

At first, my father seemed a little nervous.

“He was a bit shy at first, but then he became more mature,” explains Josha.

TikToker’s dad quickly joined in and did the cute dad dance.

In the clip you can see him playing music on the edge of the club.

Then he swings his arms skyward as if he really doesn’t care and proves that he is the soul and life of the party.

Dad wore a t-shirt and denim shorts to spice up the party atmosphere.

He also played other club members in Red Light Club.

The video went viral on TikTok, garnering 1.3 million views and 197,000 likes.

People expressed their love for wedding dads in the comments, with some users encouraging kids to be more considerate of their parents.

“He’s our father now,” commented one user.

Another said: “Now I have a very important question: if I were a parent, what would I do to get my kids to go to the club?”

By Lusjan